The Latest Batch of Images

Fresh from the photographer. Taylor Dabney does a wonderful job capturing my work…

Large Textured Bowl

Large Textured Bowl

It's a Stretch

It’s a Stretch



Small Textured Bowl

Small Textured Bowl



Wrap Vessel_2

Wrap Vessel


Art Works Display

This is a small space I rent at Art Works. Geraldine Kiefer is the talented artist whose work is on display on the walls. Gerry is moving out in July so if you have a chance to visit our space, do so before Gerry moves out. Her commute from Winchester VA is a bit much. It’s been great having her share the space for the last several years. You can check out the info for Art Works at

IMG_0570    IMG_0571


Over the years my work has veered from its more traditional roots. I had the urge this past week to revisit those roots. Pictured are 2 vessel forms I build this week. While my current more sculptural pieces are not really vessels their roots are in this functional form. I’m not sure why but I’m so fascinated with vessels and containers but I think it has something to do with this quote from the Tao Te Ching, “…it is on the space where there is nothing that the usefulness of the vessel depends”.


After the move.

After what seems like forever, I’m finally pretty settled in my new place. I’ve moved many times before but this move was really the perfect storm of a move. The worst is behind me and I’m finally venturing back into my studio. It’s always so hard to jump back into work after a long time away from the table. The image shown is the first work in progress post move!

Fireplace Tiles